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Zouhair Oulli

Kyndryl France
Apprentice and student - IBM i System Administrator

Contact Me

Hello, my name is Zouhair, I am 22 years old and I live in Lyon.
After obtaining a High School diploma in my home country Morocco,
I decided to continue my higher education in France.

In June 2022, I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Networking & System Administration from the University of Clermont-Ferrand. I am currently studying for my master's degree in computer science. Since September 2022, I have been doing an apprenticeship at the company Kyndryl.

I am very excited to learn more about the IBM i platform, and I am ready to be part of this great community.
In addition, I am preparing a lot of projects for the future.
One of my personal projects that I work on in my free time, is creating courses about IBM i and related technologies : HMC, PTF & TR, PowerVC, LPAR Virtualisation, Power HA, Storage management, RAID and BRMS, Security and Auditing, Log Analysis, Monitoring and SMU, machine performance, Automation, SQL, AIX, Linux, DevOps and many other topics. For everyone willing to learn more about these technologies, my website will be available beginning of June 2023. The content of the courses is going to be public and free, as I believe that :
                                                                                                                     "the more we share, the more we have"

Another project I am willing to work on, is to become a good IBM i student ambassador for the next generation and the people who are new to this platform.

My ultimate goal is to become an IBM Champion, because... why not aiming big ;)

I am very grateful to Common Germany and Common Europe for giving me the opportunity to participate in this special event. In addition, I would like to thank my company Kyndryl, for offering me the opportunity to achieve my professional goals.

Take care and stay curious
Sunday, June 11

10:00 CEST

13:00 CEST

14:00 CEST

18:00 CEST

19:00 CEST

Monday, June 12

08:30 CEST

09:00 CEST

09:30 CEST

10:20 CEST

10:40 CEST

11:40 CEST

12:00 CEST

13:00 CEST

16:00 CEST

17:00 CEST

18:20 CEST

Tuesday, June 13

09:20 CEST

10:30 CEST

10:50 CEST

12:30 CEST

14:05 CEST

15:05 CEST

15:30 CEST

16:30 CEST

17:30 CEST

19:30 CEST

Wednesday, June 14

08:00 CEST

09:00 CEST

09:20 CEST

09:50 CEST

10:30 CEST

10:50 CEST

11:50 CEST

13:10 CEST


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