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Jens Churchill

System & Method
Jens Churchill is the CTO at System & Method, an IBM business partner with offices in Denmark and Brazil.
System & Method assists in transforming IBM i applications into modern solutions, through education and tools.
Jens was introduced to IT at an early age, when his father brought home the companies retired System/32.
He soon gained access to both an IBM XT and a C-64, and learned to program on both, the IBM won, and got upgraded to an AT, to a 286, 386, 486...
His first foray into modernisation started in 1999, when a local company using the AS/400 and OS/2, wanted to update their in-house software and figured a 19-year-old kid would be the perfect fit. That company still runs today, with IBM i, and a proud group of developers ranging from the old guard "seen-it-all's" to just out of college "know-it-all's" :)

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Monday, June 12

17:10 CEST


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