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Martin Dvorsky

Principal Power Technical Sales Leader
Czech Republic
Martin Dvorsky is a Technical Director responsible for Linux on z Systems in IBM global sales organisation.

Martin has 25+ years experience in IBM z Systems platform. During 20 years of his service for IBM, meeting clients and explaining System z differentiated business value was always the most important part of his job. As global professional and global citizen, Martin spent six years on international assignment followed by another eight years working in different territories, and he carried out numerous calls on customers from all continents.

In 2007, Martin worked as the Manager of System z Technical Sales for IOT Northest Europe and he was responsible for execution of programmes driving new workloads on the mainframe. At the same time, he was focused on building the technical community and supporting System z low end customers via so called Black Belt team. Since beginning of 2008, Martin was responsible for generating demand and selling solutions & applications on System z in the Growth Markets. Starting 2010, Martin was working as a Technical Director supporting Worldwide System z Workload Teams, with a particular focus on SAP. In 2014, Martin joined STG Europe where his mission was to sell ‘Cloud Analytics Mobile Social’ solutions to key IBM z Systems clients.

Martin is IBM Senior Certified IT Specialist and he was also appointed to the IBM Academy of Technology.
Sunday, June 11

19:00 CEST

Monday, June 12

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Tuesday, June 13

07:30 CEST

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Wednesday, June 14

09:20 CEST

09:50 CEST


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