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Jens Mattsson

Fellowmind Sweden AB
Head of Sales

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I am heading Sales, Market and Product Development for Bison ERP, a complete ERP solution for wholesalers trading in fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, fish and meat) or hardware tools and supplies for the consumer market.

We own, develop and market our own IP (Bison) and has built a stable consulting and implementation business around itht our client companies based in the Nordic countries.

Bison runs on the Power i platform with a back-end coded in RPG/SQL distributed as web services to a front-end coded in ext.js (a Java Script framework developed by Sencha). The user consumes the system via web browser as a SAAS solution distributed via a private cloud provided by our hosting partner Iver AB

I am here mainly to pick up trends and insights that will benefit our product development team. However I look forward to interact with the rest of the IBM Power i community and hear your take on the future of this (in my opinion) terrific platform
Sunday, June 11

18:00 CEST

19:00 CEST

Monday, June 12

08:30 CEST

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Tuesday, June 13

08:00 CEST

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10:50 CEST

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Wednesday, June 14

09:20 CEST

09:50 CEST


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